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Whinhill Observation Post

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Hilltop observation post, 2007, Fox
Hilltop observation post

Whinhill Observation Post appears to be the remains of a brick built, cement rendered building which lies on the hilltop above Greenock's Whinhill Golf Club.

The building contains one small room and one larger L shaped room, both cement rendered internally to a height of about three feet. No evidence remains of collapsed roof structure, suggesting a wooden, rather than concrete roof, which may have been lost to the weather. The east side of the building shows evidence of a steel ladder having been installed, possibly leading to an observation platform on the roof. There are also cut-outs in the rendering, suggesting the roof platform may have extended past the sides of the building.

A slightly unusual trig point was noted nearby, located on the shoulder of the hill rather than the summit, suggesting that the summit was found to be unsound, and the reference point was fixed to the nearest instance of sound bedrock.

The remains of what appears to be the concrete base of an antenna mast also lie nearby.

Experimental radar station

Information has been received regarding the siting of an experimental radar station on the golf course, 600 yards south east of a Post Office cable pole. The grid reference provided with this report has been marked on the map below.

A subsequent visit to the post found a number of unidentified features that may be explained by the presence of such an installation in the area, and these are shown in the photographs below. On the floor of the larger room are trenches leading to conduits at the base of the outer walls, which could have carried cables out of the building. The smaller room has similar floor conduits at the base of the outer walls, and adjacent to interior wall ducts. The photographs also show the concrete base and steel rods remaining with other debris on the hill, which could have served as the support for some form of experimental antenna. Unless there are two, or perhaps three, similar bases lost in the surrounding ground, and which could have supported a much larger structure, this is unlikely to have been a standard lattice mast base, which would have had at least three or four fixings in the concrete to provide a stable base for the taller structure, rather than the two fixings which extend from the concrete.


View from south, 2008, Fox
View from south
View from east, 2008, Fox
View from east
View from north, 2008, Fox
View from north
View from west, 2008, Fox
View from west
Main room floor trenches, 2008, Fox
Main room floor trenches
Smaller room floor level ducts, 2008, Fox
Smaller room floor level ducts
Smaller room ground conduits, 2008, Fox
Smaller room ground conduits
Possible mast base, 2008, Fox
Possible mast base

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