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Westport Decoy

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Records indicate that a World War II Starfish Naval Decoy was located on the west coast of the Kintyre peninsula, in the area of Westport, Drumlea Farm and Tangy Road. The decoy numbering was SC1, N27.

Referred to locally as a Dummy Airfield, the installation is described as comprising a set of carefully positioned lights, powered by a nearby generator, intended to simulate the appearance of the nearby airfield of HMS Landrail to the south, and divert the attention of enemy bombers from their intended target.

Two locations are shown, plotted from the published data for Westport, and local information about Drumlea. From similar sites, it may be assumed that the generator and control personnel would have operated the decoy from the Drumlea location, while the decoy lighting would have been laid out to simulate the appearance of the airfield in the open area marked as Westport.


  • Fields of Deception: Britain's Bombing Decoys of WWII by Colin Dobinson Published by English Heritage

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