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Westfield Decoy

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Control bunker entrance, 2007, Capt
Control bunker entrance, 2007

The Westfield Decoy was a World War II Starfish decoy site located in the Westfield area west of Condorrat, near Cumbernauld. Part of the . Site number SF13g. The site may also have been known as Condorrat.

The decoy site was visible in aerial photographs taken by the RAF in 1947, which also recorded a structure some 250 metres to the south, believed to be the decoy control bunker.

Site visit 2007

Present day images show the general area of the decoy to be lost under the construction of a modern road, Orchardton Road, and subsequent housing development. A visit to the area has shown that the RCAHMS data appears to be slightly west of the true location, with the control bunker having survived within a small wooded area to the east. Although overgrown, all external features of the bunker could be identified, with the earth banking still in place around the walls. Also visible is the roof mounted hatch, primarily intended for use in case the main entrance was blocked, it could also be used for observation of the decoy.


Control bunker side view, 2007, Capt
Control bunker side view
Emergency exit hatch, 2007, Capt
Emergency exit hatch

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