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Vickers Wellington LA 995 St Kilda

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During World War II, a bomber crashed on the south coast of Soay, St Kilda. No precise location has been reported.

Formal attempts to investigate the wreck do not appear to have been made until 1978, and the identity of the aircraft seems to have been uncertain for some time, but was published in 1997. Believed to be Vickers Wellington LA995 of 303 FTU, the aircraft was lost on February 23, 1943, during a Navex from Stornoway, and would have carried a crew of six. A Royal Canadian Air Force cap badge was reported in the wreckage. With no detailed location given, the marker simply identifies the island of Soay.[1][2]

The loss is commemorated on an RAF Memorial established within a small chapel on main island of Hirta.


1 Smith, David J (1997) High Ground Wrecks and Relics, Leicester, Midland Publishing Ltd ISBN 1857800702.

2 After the Battle magazine, issue 30, pp 28-43.

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