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Toward Transmitter

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Fenced compound to rear, 2007, Fox
Fenced compound to rear

An MoD Transmitter is reported to have been located at a building sited near the lighthouse at Toward Point, some six miles south of Dunoon. The site's designation as an MoD Transmitter is provided by an entry in the UK Fortifications Club index.[1]

The two storey building on the site appears to date from the 1960s, extant but disused in 2006, said to have been used for training, with some rooms having bunk beds. A flat-roofed, single storey building, similar in appearance to an electricity substation, lies just to the rear of first, with another smaller building a little further back. Both are secured within a fenced compound to the rear of the main building. The adjacent antenna mast is reported to have been removed from the site in the 1990s.

There is no detailed information known about the site, but the Holy Loch port of US Navy SUBRON-14 (Submarine Squadron 14) lay a few miles due north, and was open from 1961 to 1990, providing facilities for Polaris submarines.

Further information regarding installations in this area is available on the page for the Toward Taynuilt Radio Station. It should be noted that RCAHMS records described the Taynuilt site, but give co-ordinates that place it on the site of the building described on this page.

For Sale

On Monday, July 19, 2010, a Remax For Sale sign appeared in one of the front windows of the property, presumably indicating that the MoD has no further intentions regarding the property, and the current round of cost saving measures has determined it is surplus to requirements.

13th April 2012 - Information received today suggests that the building has been sold to a developer who plans to demolish the building and build two houses on the site. The upper floor of the building is confirmed as being sleeping accommodation and the windowless section to the rear of the building the Transmitting Room which has walls at least half a metre thick.

The above sale to the developer did not in fact go through but in January 2013 the building was sold to new owners. Their plans for the building are at present unknown but the roof has been repaired suggesting that the building is to remain.


(Original contribution). There is a currently (2006) disused government building near the lighthouse at Toward, Argyll. It is 2 storied and appears to have been built in the 60s. It used to have 2 radio masts associated with it but these were demolished in the 1990s. It has a massive substation/generator house to the rear and some of the rooms are fitted out with bunk beds. Local rumour has it that it was once a training centre for spies. The above building is in the area NS136673.

There is another government transmitter station in Toward belonging to the Royal Navy (in the area of NS134687). This is still believed to be in use.

In 2007, further information was received to the effect that the land to the rear of the building had been bought for development, and houses were being built there. The development was said to extend into part of the former compound, resulting in the removal of part of the compound fencing.


Disused building, 2007, Fox
Disused building
Disused building, 2007, Fox
Disused building
Mast visible behind lighthouse, no date/details
Mast visible behind lighthouse

Mast viewed in 1968, Fox
Mast viewed in 1968
Sub-station and small building, 2007, Fox
Sub-station and small building
Sub-station gate, 2007, Fox
Sub-station gate
Sign detail, 2007, Fox
Sign detail
Generator building, 2007, Fox
Generator building
Generator building interior, 2007, Fox
Generator building interior


1 UK Fortifications Club, index of T

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