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Torwood Blue Pool

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Torwood Blue Pool, 2007
Torwood Blue Pool
© Nigel J C Turnbull

Torwood Blue Pool is a round brick lined pool which in a cleared strip of Tor Wood to the south west of Torwood, north of Denny and Larbert.[1][2]

The following description was published along with the original picture by the instigator of the investigations into its origin:

Known to locals as the Blue Pool or the Blue Water, this 6.1 metre (20 feet) internal diameter brick lined vertical shaft is 4 metres deep. Although the pool now looks black in colour and heavy with algal growth, it used to be the most amazing blue colour with water so clear you could see the bottom — it was like looking through a blue diamond.
I recently discovered that many local youths used it as a swimming pool.
I have been trying to discover the original purpose of this redundant feature but nobody (so far) knows. Most locals have never heard of it so I have started the ball rolling by putting up a web page to act as a nucleus for the Torwood Blue Pool Investigation where you can contribute your knowledge or just keep up to date with progress.

- Nigel J C Turnbull

Sad to say, when we checked the investigation site for any new information, we learned that Nigel Turnbull, the founder of the web site referenced here, and dedicated to the investigation of the Torwood Blue Pool, had died of cancer at Strathcarron Hospice on Monday May 21, 2012, aged 61.


Following the passing of the web site founder, the original content[3] was subsequently migrated to a new domain, where the interest continues.


From the final analysis on the author's web site, a contribution from a mining consult seems to provide a convincing description of the origin of the pool.

Although I have no personal experience with mine working, I do have a cousin who was once employed as a mine surveyor for the Coal Board in Scotland. His description of the normally unseen and unpublicised networks of tunnels that existed around and between coal mines supports the description. He also described tunnels which connected the pits below ground, and how he used to travel between pits using these tunnels, rather than returning to the surface and travelling between then by road.

In summary, what is now seen as a pool is believed to have originally been an air shaft serving the nearby Quarter Pit, a colliery which lay to the west, towards Quarter Wood and south of Quarter House. The design would have featured a shallow surface shaft (now seen as the pool), connected through and arch and short passage to the main shaft connecting to the mine working, thereby improving the ventilation.

It has been assumed that the shaft has been capped by concrete, and that the main shaft below has suffered a collapsed at its base, isolating it from the mine workings, and resulting in the water in the water now seen in the pool, arising from ground water which is seeping through the shaft wall.

Blue hole described in New Jersey

While not suggesting or implying any connection to the Torwood Blue Hole, it is interesting to note the existence of a 'blue hole' in New Jersey, and a collection of fantastic stories built up around its presence. Being in the US it is, of course, bigger.[4]


Torwood Blue Pool, 2009
Torwood Blue Pool 2009
© Lairich Rig
Torwood Blue Pool 2010, 2010
Torwood Blue Pool 2010
© Texas Radio and The Big Beat

This video shows an underwater view of the area behind the arch which was found in the pool after it was cleared.


Behind the Arch, October 9, 2011

This video shows the pool in winter (towards the end), and gives an idea of the size:

Winter Walk, Torwood Castle Dec 2010


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