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St George's Place

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St George's Place was formerly located near Glasgow city centre, a short distance to the west of George Square.

In 1986, St George's Place (at the junction of Buchanan Street and West George Street) was renamed Nelson Mandela Place, said to be in recognition of Nelson Mandela's efforts against the South African government's racist apartheid policy.

A more likely reason was that the South African Consulate was, at that time, located there. Glasgow council may have intended to shame the Consulate by having Nelson Mandela's name appear on all items addressed to them. Regardless of the intent, the Consulate refused to use the new address on its stationery, electing to us a PO Box Number instead, and was eventually closed.

At the time of writing, Google map data isn't up to confirming the tale, neither name appears on the map. Alternative views available in the Aerial links below do lead to alternates that show the required detail.

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