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Scalloway Museum

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Scalloway Museum, 2012
Scalloway Museum
© Scalloway Museum

The Scalloway Museum has a permanent exhibition featuring the village's unique role in the Second World War.

From 1942 to 1945 the village was home to a secret base, used by Norwegian patriots who regularly crossed the North Sea in fishing boats, later in sub-chasers, to land saboteurs, ammunition and radio sets, and return with refugees from their German occupied homeland. The operation came to be known as the Shetland Bus.

The exhibition covers the full story of this almost forgotten aspect of the war, with a list of all the missions carried out by the fishing vessels, many of which were lost, either by storm or enemy action, and the proud record of the Hitra, Hessa and Vigra, the three fast sub-chasers which were so well armed that no self respecting German pilot would come near them. There is a wide selection of photographs, and the exhibits include one of the original radio sets, actually used to send information to this country.

Popular with Norwegian visitors, the museum aims to present a picture of life in this part of Shetland over the ages, with a strong emphasis on fishing, and contains many items of interest to all nationalities.

The new museum in Castle Street, operated by the Shetland Bus Friendship Society, has a gift shop, chidrens' area and a small cafe selling tea and coffee. It is open May to September 11-4 Mon – Sat and 2-4 Sun. Entry is £3 for a season ticket (school child £1, pre-school free).

Tel: 01595 880734

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