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Rosyth Fuel Depot

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Rosyth fuel depot pump room 1982, © http://www.geograph.org.uk/profile/4264
Rosyth fuel depot pump room
© Chris Allen

Rosyth fuel depot was completed in 1941, and was provided with a 250,000 ton capacity concrete tank, and 37 x 5,000 ton steel tanks. During World War II, a total 41 storage tanks are reported, together with an armoured roof for the concrete tank, plus camouflage for protection against aerial attack. RAF photographs dating from 1941 show the site shortly after the additional works were completed.

Significant portions of the original depot still remains in use on the site, adjacent to and east of Rosyth Naval Dockyard, although obsolete facilities, such as the steam powered pumps and their buildings, have been demolished and cleared away.

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