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Rosneath Castle

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Rosneath Castle was located on the Rosneath Peninsula, and existed as two distinct entities.

The original Rosneath Castle can be dated to the 15th century, and stood near Castle Bay. In the 16th century it was confiscated from the Lennox family by the Crown, together with its lands, and given to the Campbell Earls of Argyll. Around 1630, the Marquis of Argyll developed Rosneath as a subsidiary residence to Inveraray Castle. In 1802, it was destroyed by fire.

The first Rosneath Castle was replaced by a new, neo-classical mansion constructed a short distance away from the original site, built between 1803 and 1805.

During World War I, the mansion was used as a military hospital.

HRH Princess Louise, Dowager Duchess of Argyll, resided there until her death in 1939,after which the house and estate were sold, marking the end of the area's royal connection with royalty and the Clan Campbell.

During World War II, it became Rosneath House, headquarters for Rosneath Naval Base. The base closed in 1948, with the house having already been abandoned in 1947. Like its predecessor, the building was subsequently destroyed by fire, and finally demolished in 1961. Its former site lies on the southern part of Rosneath Bay on the Gare Loch, and has become a caravan and camping site, Rosneath Castle Caravan Park.

Records indicate that a number of related buildings still remain in the area, such as the lodge to the west, known as Parkhead (complete with walled gardens), and Home Farm, to the southwest. Records also mention a grotto, attributed to William Adam or Mylne, but not further described.

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