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Rhubana Lodge

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Rhubana Lodge, as found in a 1912 archive photograph, believed public domain by age
Rhubana Lodge 1912

Rhubana Lodge lies on the western shore of Loch Morar, next to the start of the River Morar. The river flows west to the sea, via Morar Dam, which is part of Morar Power Station, constructed in 1948 to provide power for the surrounding community, later integrated with the National Grid.

Rhubana was built as a fishing lodge in the 1860s, to serve Loch Morar, and lies approximately one kilometre south west of Morar Lodge, the owner's home.[1]

During World War II, Rhubana Lodge was requisitioned for training, and used by the Special Operations Executive (SOE) as a Special Training School, designated STS22. Its specific function is unknown.


1 Last Laird of Morar Retrieved August 16, 2011.

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