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Rhu Seaplane Base

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Rhu Seaplane Base was established during World War II, and lay on the eastern shore of the Gare Loch. The village of Rhu lies 2 miles (3 km) northwest of Helensburgh, and is now a yachting resort, home of the Royal Northern and Clyde Yacht Club.

The base offered both beach access and a concrete slipway, and was used for secret tests carried out by the Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment (MAEE) from September 1939, and was in use until August 1945.

Following the end of the war, the base became a depot operated by the Royal Army Service Corps (RASC), and is believed to have serviced vessels such as the LCL (Landing Craft Logistics) Ardennes which supplied the military camp on St Kilda, until this task was transferred to helicopters.

The depot facilities remains in use (2008), and serves as a press and visitor reception centre for HMNB Clyde. Visitors are processed there and provided with the required passes and clearances before being transported on to the base itself.

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