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The Northern Zone Regional War Room was located at Troywood, Anstruther in Fife.

This page, for the Northern Zone Regional War Room, is provided only as a summary to provide a reference to the Western Zone Regional War Room and Eastern Zone Regional War Room, and the main details are given on the page for Scotland's Secret Bunker, which opened in the former bunker as a Cold War museum in 1994.

The site of the Northern War Room was originally a radar station, constructed during World War II, and upgraded several times during that conflict. Following the end of the war, the station was secretly converted into a two storey underground Ground Control Intercept (GCI) bunker during the 1950s, designed to withstand the effects of a nearby atomic bomb strike. The only evidence of its existence was the standard bungalow that guarded the entrance. Rapid advances in attack technology meant the installation was effectively obsolete before it was completed, and it was taken over by the Civil Defence Corps, then abandoned for a number of years.

The bunker reopened as the Northern Zone Regional War Room in 1973, but the end of the Cold War meant it became redundant, was abandoned and forgotten.

The bunker was later rediscovered, and restored, opening to the public as a Cold War museum, Scotland's Secret Bunker, in 1994, and producing its own web site in 1997.


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