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Radar Station Summary WW II

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When the Air Ministry started to create a network of radar stations immediately prior to the outbreak of war in 1939, pioneered by Robert Watson-Watt, they were assigned to Group areas for administration purposes. RAF Wings were also created in order to control them. The boundaries of RAF Groups, AA Commands and Civil Defence Regions were usually coterminous in order to make defence easier.

Dollarbeg Castle, historian
Dollarbeg Castle

Scotland came under RAF 13 Group (also being No 11 Civil Defence Region) and No 72 Wing RAF was formed in 1941 to control all radar stations from the Tees in Northern England to the Forth. It was based in Dollarbeg Castle, Dollar, Clackmannanshire (NS97169645), and later transferred stations to No 73 Wing in Newcastle in order to concentrate on controlling all radar stations in Scotland. When 79 Wing was disbanded on June 30, 1943, stations in Ulster were transferred to 72 Wing, which was eventually disbanded on April 15, 1944.

Radar stations evolved from the initial Chain Home equipment to Chain Home Low (CHL) and Chain Home Extra Low (CHEL), as frequency coverage was extended and the radar curtain lowered to try and prevent enemy aircraft sneaking in at low level. Ground Control Intercept (GCI) equipment was later developed to guide RAF fighters to their targets.

The Royal Navy used radar to monitor coastal convoys and any German U-Boats attempting to enter the Atlantic between Orkney and the mainland.

Station Number - Name - Location SecSco Page Notes
Chain Home Stations
42 Drone Hill, Border. NT840667 Map jump Drone Hill provided long range early warning for the southern Firth of Forth approaches and Edinburgh.

Went out of service on October 16, 1939, due to blown valve, and not repaired until October 17. This allowed a raid by German aircraft of 1/KG30 to penetrate as far as the Forth Bridge, as AA defences were caught unaware. Three warships damaged in the firth and numerous casualties. Now a caravan site.

44 Douglas Wood, Angus. NO486412 Map jump Douglas Wood provided low level raid cover in central Scotland and the approaches to Dundee. Became CHL station.
46 School Hill, Angus. NO906981 Map jump School Hill provided low level raid cover for the central east coast of Scotland and the approaches to Aberdeen. Became CHL station.
47 Hillhead, Aberdeenshire. NJ940619 Map jump Hillhead provided long range early warning for north of Scotland. Exceptional remains. See RCAHMS and geograph
48 Loth, Highland. NC959096 Map jump
49 Thrumster, Highland. ND320466 Map jump Thrumster provided long range early warning for the extreme north of Scotland. RCAHMS entry
50 Netherbutton, Orkney. HY468040 Map jump Nether Button provided long range early warning for raids approaching the Orkney and Shetland Islands and the naval bases there.

See Sub-Brit for more.

51 Whale Head, Orkney. HY75874547 Map jump
54 Noss Hill, Shetland. HU361156 Map jump
56 Shaw, Shetland. HP674155 Map jump
57 Sango, Highland. HC418675 Map jump
58 Saligo, Western Isles. NR210666 Map jump
60 North Cairn, Dumfries & Galloway. NX099474 Map jump
82 Kilkenneth,Tiree. Argyll & Bute. NL940455 Map jump Kilkenneth Radar Station Port Mor Radar Station
83 Barrapol, Tiree, Argyll & Bute. NL965417 Map jump Chain Home Beam Station; Chain Home Low equipment fulfilling Chain Home functions.
85 Habost, Lewis. Western Isles. NB509963 Map jump Chain Home Beam. Habost Chain Home Beam Radar Station NB5096 6286 Station became operational in 1942.
91 Borve Castle, Benbecula, Western Isles. NF77325051 Map jump Borve Castle Chain Home Beam Station NF7736 5055
96 Broad Bay, Lewis, Western Isles. NB53103441 Map jump Eye Peninsula, Broad Bay Chain Home Radar Station NB5314 3447 There are believed to be no remains on this site.
Chain Home Low Stations
42 Drone Hill, Borders. Cf. CH stations.
42a Cockburnspath, Borders. NT789741 Map jump Cockburnspath provided low level raid cover for the southern approaches to the Firth of Forth.
43 Anstruther, Fife. NO547084 Map jump Scotland's Secret Bunker Anstruther provided long range early warning for raids approaching southern Scotland, Edinburgh and the Firth.
Long range, so not Chain Home Low.
45a St Cyrus, Angus. NO746636 Map jump St Cyrus provided long range early warning for central Scotland and the approaches to Dundee.
Long range station, so not Chain Home Low.
46a Doonies Hill, Aberdeenshire. NJ967040 Map jump Doonies Hill provided long range early warning for raids approaching central Scotland and Aberdeen.
Long range station, so not Chain Home Low.
47a Rosehearty, Aberdeenshire. NJ933668 Map jump Rosehearty provided low level raid cover for the east coast of northern Scotland.
47b Cocklaw, Aberdeenshire. NK089442 Map jump
48a Cromarty, Highland. NH670806 Map jump
48b Navidale, Highland. ND035156 Map jump
49a Thrumster, Highland. ND320469 Map jump RCAHMS entry
49a Ulbster, Highland. ND332423 Map jump
49b Dunnet Head, Highland. ND205765 Map jump Designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), the installation will soon become a Bird & Wildlife Sanctuary
50a Deerness, Orkney.
50b South Ronaldsay Ward Hill Radar Station South Ronaldsay
51 Caitnip, Orkney. HY44790660 Map jump
53a Fair Isle North, Shetland. Ward Hill Radar Station Fair Isle Fair Isle provided low level raid cover in the Shetland-Orkneys gap.
53b Fair Isle South, Shetland.
54a Grutness, Shetland.
54a Compass Head, Shetland. HU408093 Map jump
55a Watsness, Shetland. HU175525 Map jump
56a Saxa Vord, Shetland. HP632167 Map jump
57a Sango, Highland. HC417675 Map jump
58a Kilchairan, Argyll & Bute. NR203611 Map jump See Sub-Brit for pic and location NR207616
72a Crustan, Orkney. HY274290 Map jump
80a Carsaig, Mull, Argyll & Bute. NM54202150 Map jump
82a Kilkenneth, Tiree, Argyll & Bute. NL95046 Map jump Kilkenneth Radar Station
85a Eorodale, Lewis, Western Isles. NB529628 Map jump
85a Eorodale (New Site). NB531621 Map jump Eorodale Chain Home Low Radar Station NB5319 6268 This site became operational in 1941. Also remains of Military Camp and Air Raid Shelter.
90a Greian Head, Barra, Western Isles. NF65870461 Map jump Greian Head Chain Home Low Radr Station NF6579 0463 Station became operational in 1942. There is also an Accomodation camp 3 km south at Tangusdale.
92a Kendrom, Skye, Highland. The imposing cliff-top structure between Flodigarry and Kilmaluag is no ancient hill fort but the exoskeleton of RAF Kendram, known by an Air Ministry innocent of Tippex or WP software as RAF Kendrom. This was a Chain Home Low radar station built in the late 1940s as part of an extended network to protect the UK.

The solid stone walls, enclosing a concrete floor, never had a roof. Instead a prefabricated building was erected inside to house radar equipment and operators. The walls seen today protected a timber shed against weather and possible bomb blast. Still to be seen are radio mast anchor points - HF radio being the means by which the station communicated with Stornoway sector station.

Several concrete foundations are visible lower down the slope and by the road is the old generator house. The entire camp extended as far as the Kilmaluag River, where an old pump house now serves as a store. A section of asbestos pipe which carried water to the main site is still visible, if you know where to look. Also extant is the motor pool building and associated concrete plinths.

At least one, and maybe more, Kendram RAF personnel billeted locally married local girls and settled down. RAF Kendram Retrieved September 26, 2010.

93a Rodel Park, Harris, Western Isles. NG05218395 Map jump Rodelpark Chain Home Low Radar Station NG0528 8389 operational from 1942 to 1944.
94a Islivick, Lewis, Western Isles. NB00152937 Map jump Druim Grunavat, Islivig Chain Home Low Radar Station NB0013 2939
95a Stoer, Highland.
96a Clett, Shetland. HU549614 Map jump
Noss Hill, Shetland. HU363156 Map jump
Lamberton Moor, Border. NT959598 Map jump
Beinn Hough, Tiree, Argyll & Bute. NL943465 Map jump Beinn Hough Radar Station
Gin Head. NT590853 Map jump Gin Head Radar Station
Coast Defence Stations
M23 Westburn, Aberdeenshire. NJ298196 Map jump
M24 The Law, Angus. NO513373 Map jump
M27 Gin Head, Border. Gin Head Radar Station
M32 Spittal, Highland. NU008502 Map jump
M145 Crannoch Hill, Aberdeenshire. NJ529669 Map jump
Ward Hill, Fair Isle, Shetland Ward Hill Radar Station Fair Isle
Ground Controlled Interception Stations
15G St. Quivox, S. Ayrshire. NS362249 Map jump
15G Fullarton, N. Ayrshire. NS325364 Map jump
16G Dirleton, E. Lothian. NT519852 Map jump
17G North Town, Orkney. HY278225 Map jump
17G Russland, Orkney. HY301181 Map jump
34G Dunragit, Dumfries & Galloway. NX117578 Map jump
Machrihanish, Argyll & Bute. NR670204 Map jump Machrihanish Intermediate Ground Control Intercept Radar Station
Experimental Stations
Tantallon, East Lothian. NT593853 Map jump
Forth- Craigiehall Estate, City of Edinburgh. NT15937516 Map jump http://canmore.rcahms.gov.uk/en/site/138799/details/forth+nether+lennie/ GCI station at Nether Lennie Farm, Craigiehall Estate.
Isle of May, Fife. NT656994 Map jump
Fifeness, Fife. NO615092 Map jump
Dundee, City of Dundee. NO398300 Map jump
Arbroath, Angus. NO668418 Map jump
Port Errol, Aberdeenshire. NK097356 Map jump
Stirling Hill, Aberdeenshire. NK122414 Map jump
Windyhead Hill, Aberdeenshire. NJ853616 Map jump
Crannoch Hill, Aberdeenshire. NJ525665 Map jump
Tannach, Highland. ND319468 Map jump
Buriffa Hill, Highland. ND202754 Map jump
South Walls, Orkney. HY305903 Map jump
Fair Isle III, Shetland. HZ210734 Map jump
Scousburgh, Shetland. HU388187 Map jump
Couters Hill, Orkney. HY420490 Map jump
Hesta Geo, Orkney. HY254287 Map jump
Breckness, Orkney. HY225093 Map jump
Brenish, Lewis, Western Isles. NA991243 Map jump Brenish, Mealista Chain Home Radar Station NA9913 2423 Completed 1942
Beinn Hough, Tiree, Argyll & Bute. NL943465 Map jump Beinn Hough Radar Station
Port Mor, Tiree, Argyll & Bute. NL938433 Map jump Port Mor Radar Station
Barrapol, Tiree Argyll & Bute. NL964429 Map jump
Machrihanish, Argyll & Bute. NR670204 Map jump Machrihanish Intermediate Ground Control Intercept Radar Station
Whinhill, Greenock. NS275746 Map jump Whinhill Observation Post Reported as an experimental radar station.
Known stations not included above
RAF Cresswell Cresswell provided low level raid cover for the north of England coast in the Newcastle region.
RAF Bamburgh Bamburgh provided long range early warning for raids approaching the north of England.
RAF Danby Beacon Danby Beacon provided long range early warning for raids approaching the north midlands and the industrial cities of the north of England.
RAF Ottercops Moss Ottercops Moss provided long range early warning for the industrial cities and shipbuilding yards of the central north of England.
RAF Shotton Shotton provided long range early warning for north of England in the Durham to Middlesbrough region.

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