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ROC Post Tighnabruaich

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ROC post, 2009, Fox

Tighnabruiach ROC post lies within a rectangular compound on the south side of the B8000 road between Kames and Millhouse on the Cowal peninsula. This road is shown as the A886 on maps which predate World War II.

Records show the post was opened in June 1963, and closed during 1989. The post would have taken the name of Tighnabruaich, a small resort village on the west shore of the Kyles of Bute, about three miles (5 km) southwest of the entrance to Loch Riddon. rather than that of the nearer village of Kames to the east, as this would probably have been the location of the nearest post office, to which deliveries for the post and its personnel would have been sent for collection.

Site visits

ROC post, 2002
ROC post 2002

A site visit carried out in March 2002, found the post as reported:

LOCKED All surface features remain intact although there is some damage to the concrete around the hatch. The hatch is very rusty and locked. There is some flaking of the green paint. By removing the FSM pipe blanking plate it was possible to determine the post was flooded to within 3 feet of the monitoring room ceiling. The FSM probe rod is in the shaft. Water ingress was probably the reason for closure in 1989.

© Subterranea Britannica entry, September 7, 2002.[1]

ROC post, 2009, Fox

A site visit carried out during January 2009 benefited from reduced undergrowth within the compound, noting a modern manhole with metal covers nearby, however this is not believed to be related to the post, as the current Ordnance Survey map shows a covered reservoir to the west of the compound.



ROC post, 2009, Fox
ROC post, 2009, Fox
ROC post, 2009, Fox
ROC post, 2009, Fox
ROC post, 2009, Fox
ROC post, 2009, Fox


1 Subterranea Britannica entry

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