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ROC Post Maps

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Lochaline ROC post, 2002
Lochaline ROC post

ROC Post Maps shows the locations of all the known ROC posts located in Scotland.

Although there are only 336 points of interest, the total number of markers shown is closer to 600, as the maps provide additional data:

  1. The original 6 digit Ordnance Survey National Grid References (NGR) recorded for each post.
    This record is incomplete, as a number of original NGRs had already been overwritten by modern NGRs published in the online database, therefore only Item 2 was then available. However, existing original NGRs were preserved thereafter.
  2. The Grid Reference published at the time the posts were being hunted (2002/3).
    This record is complete as it shows all the published NGRs, however their source (original/estimated/GPS) is not credited.
  3. The actual positions of found posts, as established by averaged sets of post-SA GPS fixes.
    This record is incomplete in that not all posts have been visited and GPS fixes taken, but is complete in that it shows all the data collected to date.

Each marker on the maps below may be clicked to identify the post name and source of its location data.

Clustered map

Clustered Map

  • Individual post markers are clustered to reduce the number being plotted, and is the quickest to display.
    As you zoom out, individual markers are grouped into larger cluster markers. As you zoom in, these expand to show the individual markers.
  • Use IE to get a full list of clickable names to the right of the map. The links stop partway when viewed in Firefox.

Plain map SLOW!

Plain Map

  • The plain map shows all the individual post markers, illustrating their distribution across the country.
    Due to the large number of markers and time involved, your browser may offer you the option to Cancel the script or Continue - select Continue when asked. This may happen several times as the markers are processed, but is normal, and will stop once all the markers are placed.
  • As of September 2008, and the release of the Google Chrome browser, it seems that this browser will display some 2,000 markers on a map before it slows to a crawl similar to IE and Firefox when attempting to view this map, so makes this plain map option a realistic alternative if you wish to view ALL the post locations at once. You will have to live with the broken graphic symbol though, as this map is not being developed further, at the moment.

Post map

Post Map

  • This option displays selected posts on a general map, and the location on a second zoomed map.
  • To reduce loading time, only post names beginning with the same letter are displayed. Select this letter using the box provided.
    The larger map shows general locations, while the smaller map zooms in on the local detail, where imagery permits.
    Post locations on the zoomed map are indicated using circles of radius 50 m, which avoids obscuring the post location, and allows easy comparison of the various location accuracies.

Post Map (The original Google API V1 development, for comparison)

  • This will remain operational as long as the V1 API (or backward compatibility) is available, as it has the advantage of using an alternate set of aerial views, with less cloud cover over Scotland! Unfortunately, the V1 API was announced as being due for de-activation in November 2006, so this option may cease to be available thereafter.
    As of November 8, 2006, v1 API is dead, and v2 is being served instead. Try this version thereafter at your own risk!

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