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RAF Elgin

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RAF Elgin buildings, 2006
RAF Elgin buildings
© Christopher Gillan

RAF Elgin was a World War II satellite airfield serving RAF Lossiemouth.

Also known as Elgin Airfield or Bogs O'Mayne, the airfield was constructed on an area of level ground to the east of the River Lossie, about 2.5 kilometres southwest of Elgin, and west of Miltonduff. It occupied an area of some 180 hectares, with a further 6.5 hectares occupied between Wester Manbeen Cottages and Miltonduff, where domestic accommodation was located.

Although there is no evidence remaining of the airfield in terms of the runways, a number of the original buildings still survive around the general area, and have been reused as farm building, or abandoned.


Memorial plaque, 2012
Memorial plaque
© Anne Burgess
Elgin memorial, 2012
Elgin memorial
© Anne Burgess

The site, and those who served there, are remembered by a sizeable memorial located at the junction of the B9010 Balnacoul Road and a minor road leading to the west, where a number of original buildings related to the airfield can still be found.

The wording on the memorial reads:

Erected on the site of
R.A.F. Elgin (Bogs of mayne)
a satellite airfield for Nº20
O.T.U. Lossiemouth between
1940 and 1945, Wellington
aircraft used this airfield
for training and also as a
departure point for the
thousand bomber raids
of summer 1942. Other aircraft
using the airfield included
Blenheims, Whitleys
Hurricanes, Lysanders and
The airfield closed in 1946.


Memorial site, 2006
Memorial site
© Christopher Gillan
Memorial in 2009, 2009
As seen in 2009
© Stanley Howe
Plaque in 2007, 2007
Plaque in 2007
© Phil Williams


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