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RAF Annan

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RAF Annan was a World War II airfield and Tactical Exercise Unit (TEU) (Annan, RAF 56 Wing MSU) which had two runways, and lay a short distance north east of Annan. Traces of the runways and some buildings remain, although the tower has been demolished. Also the site of an associated RAF domestic camp which served the airfield, site latterly used as a scrapyard. Chapelcross Nuclear Power Station was built on part of the former airfield site, together with the housing development.

The airfield was visible in RAF aerial photographs taken in 1942, and was used for training fighter pilots, occupying an area of almost 155 hectares. The two runways were built at right angles to each other, one north east to south west, 1,476 m long, and the other north west to south east, 1,454 m long. The first is said to remain, although lost under vegetation, while the second was absorbed by the power station construction.

Some of the original airfield building have survived, although they are said to have been re-sited from their original locations.

About 600 m north east of the main airfield site lies the village of Creca. This was the location of a dispersed domestic site, visible on RAF aerial photographs from 1942. These showed some seventeen building and huts, with a further twenty emergency air-raid shelters. Four further small groups of huts are noted in a field north east of the village, near Beltedstane.

Two small hutted camps are seen in the aerial photographs, south east of Creca Hall. No remains are reported.

About 500 m south of the airfield was the site was South Camp, now reported to be a scrapyard. This is said to have re-used a number of the original buildings, but moved from their original locations when compared to RAF aerial photographs from 1946. A gas decontamination centre is also observed nearby, noted to have been demolished.

A little further to the south west, towards Gullieland Burn, the sewage plant for the airfield was noted on the 1946 aerial photographs, and the area is marked as a Sewage Farm on current OS mapping.

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