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QinetiQ's UK Privatised Military Checklist

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The following list was extracted from a number of larger UK-wide listings of the sites concerned, and is therefore a composite of all Scottish locations they reported. The full list can be found on a number of web sites, notably those connected with conspiracies and secret plots. No preparation date is provided for the list, though the mention of QinetiQ gives a general idea. The items listed appear as published, so may contain errors which we do not intend to correct, and should not be corrected (other than place name spelling), and notes may be appended later.

An updateable copy is provided at the foot of the page, following the quoted version.

The paragraphs that precede the list are part of that total listing, and the opinions expressed within therefore have no connection with this site.

The idea that military research and development could possibly be privatised would, to many, seem ridiculous. It would appear obvious to most people that the profit motive and military priorities do not sit easily together. We must therefore keep close tabs on those whose business is make private profit from more efficient ways of maiming and killing.

Defence Evaluation and Research Agency [DERA] as of July 1 2001, officially became known as QinetiQ [pronounced kinetic]. Many of the 80-plus laboratories, employing some 9,000 scientists, are now in the private sector. The UK government retains control of sensitive top secret sections of QinetiQ, such as the germ warfare laboratories at Porton Down, Wiltshire.

This document was received as an email - and appears to have originally been written by an American, since the spellings were US English (most now changed to UK English)

Updates should only be made to the copy below, to preserve the original version above.

  • DERA - West Freugh, nr Stranraer. SatCom Grnd Station + a/field + firing range
  • ATC Prestwick - Ayrshire. HQ Mil Air Traffic Ops
  • Coulport - Loch Long. Underground facility for storing nuclear weapons, including Trident.
  • RAF Leuchars - nr. Fife, Nos 43 + 111 Sqn, Tornado F3s
  • Brora - NSA Sigint
  • Hawklaw - NSA Sigint
  • RAF Machrihanish - nr Cambeltown, Argyllshire, long runway, NATO base, reconnaisance. RAF reports station "under enhanced care and maintenance status". Newspapers report station closing.
  • Royal Navy Clyde Sub Base - Faslane, Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire, (nuclear submarine base)
  • Army - Garelochhead , Helensbrough. Army Training base - connected to Faslane Naval base.
  • RNAS Prestwick HMS GANNET -UK det. 819 Sqn. Sea King HAS6 SAR. Also Sea Cadet Corps Sschool of Marine Engineering.
  • Arbroath - No.662 V.G.S. - Viking TX.1. [Air Training Corps]
  • Army - Benbecula, Outer Hebrides. Artillery testing area + Radar. No 71 Sigs Unit
  • Cape Wrath - Sutherland. Firing range used by British and NATO forces
  • Crombie - Integrated Weapon Complex joint RAF/RN missile maintenance
  • Dundrennan [MoD] - nr. Kirkcudbright, Dumfriesshire. Experimental weapons range.
  • Garvie Island - RAF bombing range off NW Scotland
  • Greenock War HQ - Navy Buildings Greenock. Now occupied by HM Coastguard (Clyde Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC))
  • Inchterf (MOD P.E.) - nr. Kirkintilloch. Directorate of Proof & Experimental Estab., of D.E.R.A.
  • Kyle of Lochalsh (BUTEC, Kyle) British Underwater Trials and Evaluation Centre. (DERA/Qinetic?)
  • Saxa Vord - Radar site. No 91 sigs unit
  • St. Kilda - Outer Hebrides. Artillery tracking stn
  • RAF Buchan -. nr Peterhead, Aberdeenshire. Radar. Nos 170/480 sigs. Con rep center
  • RAF Kinloss - Forres, Moreyshire, All Nimrod MR2s + ops r/station at Aird Uig, W. Isles
  • Army Air Corps - RAF Leuchars. Gazelle helicopters
  • RAF Linton - Borders of Eng / Scot
  • RAF Lossiemouth ..... Morayshire, Tornado GR1B, Jaguar GR1As (Maritime Strike) + SAR Sea King HAR3s
  • Prestwick - Scottish Air Traffic Control Centre
  • Rosehearty - RAF Weapons Range
  • Tain - Bombing Range, Moray Firth
  • Army - Arbroath, Angus
  • Army - Ballater. Royal Guard [guard Royals at Balmoral Castle]
  • Army - Barry Buddon Barracks, Angus. Training Camp
  • Army - Cultybragan. Training
  • Army Training Regt - Glencorse. Penicuik, Midlothian
  • RAF Stornoway - Decommissioned / Closed in March 1998
  • Coulport, Scotland. Underground Nuclear weapons store
    Britain's nuclear weapons store at Coulport in Scotland. Sixteen massive bunkers have been gouged out of the ridge overlooking Loch Long. This building can store more than 100 atom bombs in underground vaults behind airlock doors. It is used as a temporary holding bay when the bombs arrive at Coulport. They are then moved to a jetty and loaded onto Trident submarines.


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