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Portkil Pillboxes

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Six sided pillbox, 2007, Fox
Six sided pillbox, western view

A six sided asymmetric concrete pillbox can be found at the seaward end of a garden on Fort Road, and appears to have been converted into a store, with the addition of door and windows.

A short distance along the shore to the west, a second pillbox can be found, of a two storey design similar to one constructed near Cloch Point. This is probably more correctly described as a searchlight platform, and would probably have housed a generator to power the searchlight. This structure appears to have been converted into a small outhouse at some time in the past, with the addition of windows, but appeared to derelict at the time of the visit (2003), with the windows having been smashed, leaving the interior open to the weather.

There may be a third pillbox between the two noted here.

This may have been missed during the visit, and only came to mind later, and would need a revisit to confirm, as the structure may be incorporated into one of the shore side houses. Photographs taken at the time missed the detail needed to confirm this later, as they were not taken with this possibility in mind.


Six sided pillbox
Six sided pillbox, eastern view
Second pillbox/platform to west
Second pillbox/platform to west

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Aerial views


The actual positions are marked, together with the positions reported by RCAHMS.

Unsure if these are individual artefacts, or just repeated attempts at determining the coordinates of the two given above.


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