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Old OS Maps

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The following original paper Ordnance Surveys are owned by SeSco.

Bear in mind the time taken to produce OS maps in the days before digital mapping. It could easily take five years or more simply to take the survey data from notes to final published, paper map. To this should be added the years it could also take the carry out the actual land surveys, especially in areas where access might be less than ideal, and in remote areas. The earliest maps listed below, those not based on the National Grid, are noted to be based on original data dating from surveys made in 1856.

Approval and verification probably means that new content may take a year to appear, not because it takes that long to produce, but because it still has to be integrated with other work being carried out nearby. While online mapping can be edited and appear relatively quickly, paper maps still have to be printed, published, stocked, and sold, so can't be republished every single time there is an edit.

The map jump corresponds to the origin of the individual map, the southwest or bottom left corner.

1:1250 or 50.688 inches to 1 Mile

1:2500 or 25.344 inches to 1 Mile

1:10,560 or 6 Inches to 1 Mile

Pre-World War II maps - 1:2500 being 25.344 Inches to a Statute Mile or 208.33 Feet to One Inch



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