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Norwegian Naval Base Peterhead

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The Norwegian Naval Base at Peterhead was operated jointly by the Norwegian Secret Intelligence Service and the Royal Naval Intelligence Service during World War II, and operated fishing cutters to gather intelligence on shipping, and forward the information to London. The base remained classified until 1980.

The base was located at the Model Jetty, Port Henry Harbour, Peterhead.

Steam yacht Medea

The steam yacht Medea, launched on the Clyde from the yard of Alexander Stephen & Sons Ltd, Linthouse, Govan, on August 29, 1904, served with the French Navy in World War I after being converted to the gunboat Corneille. Acquired by the British in 1941, the Royal Navy first used it to anchor barrage balloons on the Thames, then sent it to Scotland, where it was used as an accommodation ship for Norwegian commando officers. An article in a special issue of the Journal of Pacific Maritime History is reported to refer to the yacht Medea being used as mother ship by the Norwegians in Peterhead, and also features the reminisces of Karl Solevaagseide, who served at Peterhead.

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