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Navy House Greenock

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Navy House, Greenock, has been described as the World War II Headquarters Flag Officer Clyde, and was located in Clarence St, Greenock.

HMS Orlando

HMS Orlando appears to have been a World War II shore facility located in Navy House.[1]

Other references to HMS Orlando have made reference to a gunnery school, which could have been established within the facility.[2]

The gunnery school connection is reinforced by the discovery of a reference to Dagger Duties, which referred to a training scheme for Russians in the use of British weapons being supplied to Russia via the Murmansk convoys.[3]

Another reference suggests it was a boom defence depot, which seems less likely, unless the depot was actually being administered from Navy House.[4]

Other than this, we have been unable to come up with any definitive record of the establishment in online records, and have listed the available links for reference below, in the hope that further information may appear or be offered to help resolve the uncertainty.


1 Board of Enquiry into sinking of HMS Kite, August 21, 1944.

2 Discussion forum

3 Royal Navy (RN) Officers 1939-1945

4 Royal Navy (RN) Officers 1939-1945

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