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Millerhill Decoy AA Battery

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A decoy anti-aircraft battery site constructed during World War II has been identified near Millerhill, east of Edinburgh.

Visible on aerial photographs taken in 1946, the decoy site lies in the middle of fields to the east of Millerhill Road, on the north side of a minor road leading to Woolmet. The command post and four emplacements still exist within an enclosure, complete with adjacent crew shelters and ready use ammunition shelters. Unlike the normal layout of anti-aircraft battery, in which the four emplacements lie on a semicircular arc with the the command post located towards the centre of the arc, the emplacements and command post lie on a rectangle, with three emplacements along one side, and the command post and remaining emplacement along the other, parallel to the first. This configuration has not been seen at any other battery.

The site has been described as a probable decoy battery, as the photographs show no evidence of any accommodation camps nearby, and the possible nearby location of a Starfish decoy site, No SF34 - also shown on the map below, but which has no historic record available at the time of writing.

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