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Loch Fyne Gunpowder Mill

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Loch Fyne Powderworks Reservoir and dam© http://www.geograph.org.uk/profile.php?u=10338
Loch Fyne Powderworks
Reservoir and dam
© Paul Hadfield

Further background material can be found on our page about the Argyll Gunpowder Industry.

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The Loch Fyne Gunpowder Mill, also referred to as the Loch Fyne Powderworks, operated from 1842 to 1883, and was located at Furnace, on the shore of Loch Fyne, nine miles (15 km) south west of Inveraray. From 1755 to 1812, the Duddon Furnace Company of Furness in Cumbria operated an iron smelting works there, on a site originally named Craleckan. The location was ideal, as the mill required similar resources to the smelting works; access to local water and wood, and easy transport of materials and product via the loch.

The remains of a number of buildings and the waterwheel can still be found on the site.

An explosion was recorded at the works in 1883:

7. Circumstances attending an explosion of gunpowder which occurred at the gunpowder factory of Messrs. John Hall and Son, at Furnace, Loch Fyne, near Inveraray, on the 29th September 1883. Report to the Rt. Hon. the Secretary of State for the Home Department by Colonel A. Ford, H.M. Inspector of Explosives, 1884.
Vol. XVII, 23p., ill., maps. [C. 3860]

A stove or drying-house at the gunpowder factory exploded, killing the manager of the factory and injuring three others.

- Glasgow Digital Library[1]


1 Glasgow Digital Library: Scotland in the nineteenth century, Section 9.7: Industrial accidents.

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