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Aerial photography - by hot air balloon

It used to be a secret... The Prisoner TV series and its location, Portmierion. If you haven't been, treat yourself to a visit. Sadly, you won't see it at its best, even this little time capsule has suffered in the name of modernisation, improvement, and the dreaded Health and Safety nannies. On the other hand, if you're a new visitor, you won't know what you've missed. The Unmutual link gives more info about The Prisoner and the The Village (Portmeirion).

NOTE: I'm pointing you to The Unmutual site and NOT the Six of One site. Sadly, I supported Six of One for many years and enjoyed visting Portmeirion at convention time until 1998, when everything fell apart. I know nothing, so can say nothing. But, the bickering and acrimony between the organisers was fact, and ruined things after 1998. Subs were paid, mailings didn't appear, Portmeirion was damaged, blame was bandied about and conventions ended as Portmeirion ended their invitation. Six of One mailings that did manage to arrive read more of accusals and denials than Prisoner tales. We just gave up with the endless, mindless bickereing, and never renewed thereafter... (There is a link to more detail within the site given).


Scottish WW2




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