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Light AA Battery Dunoon

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A light anti-aircraft battery site from World War II has been identified in the area of Black Park to the east of Argyll Street, Dunoon.

All that is known of the battery is that it was equipped with at least one searchlight and one gun. Nothing remains of the original the site, which has been extensively redeveloped as a sports facility and stadium. There may have been no permanent features on the site, as light batteries often used mobile equipment, with emplacements and shelters constructed using only sandbags.

Black Park, also referred to as Ash Park, lies on an area of land which Sir Harry Lauder gifted to the town of Dunoon for public benefit. The name of the park recalls the years when the area was used as the town dump, and when much of the waste would have been ash from coal fires, cleared out and dumped on a daily basis.

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