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Kipperoch Decoy

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Records indicate that a World War II Civil Starfish decoy was located at the end of Kipperoch Road, west of Renton. Part of the . Site number SF13a. The site may also have been known as Kipperoch Farm or Renton.

The decoy site was recorded in aerial photographs taken by the RAF in 1949, but the type was not further identified in the records, so it is not known if it was a QF (fire) or QL (lighting) decoy. As there are no remains reported, and a later aerial survey in 1988 failed to find any traces of the site, the probability is in favour of a lighting, rather than a fire decoy, as the latter tended to leave evidence in the ground, in the form of platforms or ditches.

The control bunker was located approximately 800 metres southeast of the decoy site, and although this was also reported in the 1949 survey, and the 1988 survey, aerial imagery from Google and Virtual Earth suggest that the remains of the bunker have demolished and buried some time after 2000. Google mapping shows a rectangular structure at the given bunker location, in the middle of a single field, while Virtual Earth shows two fields, separated by a boundary near to where the structure would have been. The date of this change can only be estimated, probably between 2002 and 2005, because the imagery is is not precisely dated, and obtained from vendors on an on-going basis.

Imagery still available shows that the bunker was aligned roughly NNE to SSW and the door way was on the eastern side with the Observation Hatch to the southern end. The bunker was of the earlier two roomed variety which would have its own power generators in the northern room.

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