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Kintyre Minefield

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During World War II, The Campbeltown Courier carried a short item regarding the installation of a minefield to the east of the Kintyre peninsula to the mainland, around the Ayrshire coast, intended to protect the approaches to the Firth of Clyde:

The Admiralty announced yesterday that mines have been laid across The Firth of Clyde from the Kintyre coast to the Ayrshire coast. The area, states the announcement, lies between lines joining Dunninaham Point to Craignai Point and Rhuad Point to Bennane Head. All vessels wishing to enter or leave the Clyde must obtain instructions from British or naval or consular authorities at home or abroad before sailing. As an interim measure, patrols will be stationed to the southward of the minefield, who will give instructions for safe passage to those vessels who left their part of the departure before the issue of this notice. The new minefield completely blocks the entrance to The Firth of Clyde. At its northern limit it is 23 miles across and at its southern limit about 25 miles. The mines run in parallel lines varying from 2 to 5 miles in length.

- New Minefield off Kintyre, Campbeltown Courier, April 20, 1940.[1]

Unfortunately, some of the names have not been transcribed accurately and cannot be properly identified. Bennane Head is well known, while Rhuad Point is less common, but can be found. Dunninaham Point and Craignai Point are probably in error, but neither they nor their variants can be reliably located.


1 New Minefield off Kintyre, Campbeltown Courier, April 20, 1940.

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