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Jacob's Ladder Innellan

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Jacob's Ladder from above, 2008, Fox
Jacob's Ladder from above

Jacob's Ladder can be found at Innellan, south of Dunoon, Argyll & Bute, and is a steep path with flights of steps that run from Shore Road to North Campbell Road.

Historically, the road running from Dunoon to Toward via Innellan ran along the side of the hill following the track of North Campbell Road, Wyndham Road, South Campbell Road and the Velvet Path, collectively known to locals as The High Road. The section that ran from Innellan to Dunoon has been lost. At one time there were five such steep paths in the village, now only two remain in use. The coastal Bullwood Road is a largely Victorian development, originally home to a number of mansions belonging to wealthy Glasgow merchants of the time, now being supplemented by more modern developments.

Although we know the local history of the route, we are unaware of the origin of the Jacob's Ladder name for this particular feature.

Jacob's Ladder from above, 2008, Fox
Jacob's Ladder from below

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