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Island Davaar Observation Post

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Observation Post, anon contributed pic
Observation Post

The Island Davaar Observation Post was constructed on the island during World War II, and is a two storey brick and concrete structure located approximately 50 metres west of the lighthouse on the north of the island.

Known locally as a Signal Station, the building is similar to another which was constructed on the New Quay at Campbeltown, and is believed to have received visual identification signals from ships intending to enter Campbeltown Loch.

The island also served as a mooring point for one end of the Campbeltown Loch Anti-Submarine Boom, which extended north west to the mainland, and protected the entrance to loch in conjunction with a minefield.

Davaar Island lighthouse by Campbeltown, Kintyre, 2004
The post, to the west (right)
of the lighthouse
© Johnny Durnan

The Island

Island Davaar, Campbeltown Loch, 1984
The Dhorlin seen at low tide
© Raymond Okonski

Davaar, situated at the mouth of Campbeltown Loch, is an island only at high tide, and is linked to the mainland by the Dhorlin, a bank of shingle which can be crossed at low tide. The lighthouse was built in 1854, by David and Thomas Stevenson, and was automated in 1983.

The Painting

Christ on the Cross - Cave Painting - Davaar Island, Kintyre, 2005
Island Davaar cave painting
Christ on The Cross
© Gary Sutherland

Located within one of the caves on the south of the island, is the Davaar Island Cave Painting of Jesus on the Cross, painted in 1887 by a local teacher, Archibald MacKinnon. The painting was completed in secret, after he had a dream telling him where to carry out the work.

Over the years, some of the detail has been lost, and the main content has been restored on a number of occasions, by local artists, and is now better protected from damage. In more recent times, a police investigation was launched after the painting was vandalised in the summer of 2006.

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