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Inverallochy Battle HQ

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View from the escape hatch
View from the escape hatch
Battle HQ
Battle HQ

Inverallochy Battle HQ was a World War II battle headquarters constructed for the defence of Fraserburgh Airfield in the event of an airborne invasion. However, the coastal nature of the airfield means it could also have been needed in the event of enemy troops being landed from the sea. The structure follows a standard design pattern, known as 11008/41.

The Battle HQ is not visible from the road, being located on the opposite side of a low hill, and facing seaward. There is no general access to the interior, as the entrances have been blocked by earth. Viewed through the slot in the observation post, the interior appears to be in relatively original and undamaged condition. The original entrance appears to lie in a trench, roughly to the east of the observation post, and would have provided access through an underground tunnel. However, this area and the trench were found to be completely overgrown, making them hidden and inaccessible without tools. When first constructed, the observation post would have been buried a little deeper than it now appears to be, as surrounding earthworks have been eroded by the weather.

Across the road, and to the west of this structure, lie the remains of Inverallochy RAF Camp. This would have served Fraserburgh Airfield, which was located a short distance east of this location.

The view of the exit was taken through the broken hatch cover over the emergency exit which can be seen to the left of the observation post - this hatch was intended for emergency use only, not normal use.

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