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Hunters Quay Boathouse

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Boathouse exterior, 2010, Fox
Boathouse exterior

The remains of a large boathouse lie on the shore at Hunters Quay, on the A816 road (Marine Parade) north of Dunoon, Argyll and Bute. The site consists of a chamber with a vaulted roof set into the shore, ahead of which is an entrance marked by pillars which bear evidence of metal fixings which may have carried a gate. A cleared area of shore leads to this entrance, and would have served as a slipway for the boathouse, but is now heavily strewn with rocks.

A visit was made to the site in 2010, confirming the reports. Looking at the pillars ahead of the chamber, it was not clear if the area between the chamber and the pillars had always been open (as it is today), or had been perhaps been roofed or enclosed in the past.

Also uncertain as of the visit was the extent of the chamber, and how far it extends under the road above. The boathouse is not shown on any maps of the area, from any period.

Vaulted interior, 2010, Fox
Vaulted interior

The age of the structure is unknown, but its crude structure suggests it may predate Victorian times, the period when most of the housing was built, usually for wealthy merchant from the city.

The single tall tree seen in the picture is growing in the ground above the roof of the boathouse chamber.

Boathouse site, 2011
Boathouse site
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