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HMS Dalriada

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HMS Dalriada is a Royal Naval Reserve (RNR) training facility based at the Royal Marines Reserve Scotland Headquarters, 37-51 Birkmyre Road, Govan.[1]

Navy Buildings, 2008
Navy Buildings
© Thomas Nugent

The facility was previously located within Navy Buildings off Eldon Street, Greenock, until this was put up for sale by the MoD in September 2012,[2] following the closure of the coastguard unit which had been based there. The building had served as the West Coast Reserve Training Centre (RTC), and had been home to the Inverclyde Reserve Unit since 1981. Members held their final drill night there on 21 December, 2012.[3]

HMS Dalriada had first been commissioned as RNR Headquarters in Navy Buildings in 1965, but was relocated to the postwar Anti-Aircraft Operations Room AAOR Inverkip in the woods to the east of Inverkip from 1965 to 1969. Later re-established in Navy Building since October 1993 in the Navy Buildings, HMS Dalriada moved once again in 2013, to become established in Govan.


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