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Glen Sannox Barytes Mine

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Mine buildings and adit, 2011
Mine buildings and adit 2011
© Ashley Dace

Glen Sannox Barytes Mine was located on the Isle of Arran, to the west of Sannox.

Originally opened in 1840, the mine operated until closure in 1862 by the landowner, the 11th Duke of Hamilton. It was re-opened after World War I, and finally closed in 1938, when the workings were exhausted. The remains of the demolished buildings, railway line and many of the workings and spoil-heaps are still clearly visible today. Some of the less flooded adits are currently accessible with care, and a number of poorly-fenced, deep open shafts are evident. The railway ran to a pier at the nearby village of Sannox. The pier was demolished in the 1940s.


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