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Glen Caladh Castle

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Glen Caladh House, believed pd
Glen Caladh House

Glen Caladh Castle, also known as Glen Caladh House, lay on the western side of the approach to Loch Riddon, north of the Isle of Bute.

The castle appears to have had a number of owners, including George Stephenson, nephew of the famous railway engineer and designer of the steam locomotive Rocket, George Stephenson (1781 - 1848). An uncited reference also noted him ro be a direct relation of author Robert Louis Stevenson, however this claim remains unconfirmed. Latterly owned by the (Ingham) Clark family, the nearby island of Eilean Dubh is their family burial ground, with eight gravestones recorded from 1937 to 1999.

Eilean Dubh, Burial Ground
Type of Site: Funerary/ Burial Ground
Address: Clark Family Burial Ground, Eilean Dubh
Postcode: PA21 2EH
Status: In current use for burials
Size: 0.01 hectares, 0.02 acres
Number of gravestones: 8
Earliest gravestone: 1937
Most recent gravestone: 1999
Description: Burial ground in a private estate
Data Sources: OS MasterMap checked 23 September 2005; Graveyard Recording Form dated 16 March 2003

World War I

During World War I, the castle was used as a Red Cross convalescent home.

World War II

During World War II, the castle was requisitioned for use as a training establishment by Combined Operations, becoming the Beach Pilotage School from 1942 until 1945, and as a military headquarters for units stationed in the area. The property was designated HMS James Cook, a reference to the advances in navigation skills that the founder of Australia introduced into the Royal Navy, and reflected the task of training the operators of troop landing craft to land their cargoes safely. Located just to the east, below the castle, Glen Caladh Harbour provided a convenient location to carry out training practice.

The property was demolished in 1960, having been rendered unsafe by dry rot.

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