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Glasnacardoch Lodge

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Glasnacardoch Lodge, early 1900s photograph, copyright believed expired, courtesy of Link below
Glasnacardoch Lodge 1900s

Glasnacardoch Lodge is located almost six miles north of Arisaig, less than a mile south of Mallaig, and forty miles west of Fort William, by road. It lies on the east side of the B8008, which leaves the modern A830 Fort William to Mallaig road just a mile south of Mallaig.

The house is said to have been built by the Frasers of Lovat, as a hunting lodge to service the North Morar Estate.

During World War II, Glasnacardoch Lodge was requisitioned for training, and used by the Special Operations Executive (SOE) as a Special Training School, designated STS22a, and used for Foreign Weapons Training.

Territorial target

Glasnacardoch Lodge as it appeared c. 2007, for holiday let as detailed in the link below
Glasnacardoch Lodge c. 2007

Lying approximately 600 metres east of the lodge, toward Loch as Nostarie, are the remains of a substantial concrete target, described as having sliding iron targets. 44 feet along its base, 29 feet alongs its top, and 7 feet high, the 20 inch thickness of concrete was had the further protection of an earth bank. When reported in 2001, one target was in place, the other in pieces, lying in the loch and on surrounding ground. This was a postwar construction, installed for training a local Territorial unit, and not realated to the lodge's use for SOE weapons training.

Glasnacardoch beach

In 2005, the beach at Glasncardoch received more interest than usual when it was mentioned in a book entitled Bare Britain. The author suggested that Scotland was the most beautiful location in Europe, and while the locals would have no doubt have agreed with that part of his commentary, they were less than enthusiastic about claims regarding its suitability for naturists, citing hazards such as horizontal rain and the Atlantic chill.

When asked about the reaction of the typical minister to a nudist invasion of the west coast: ''Horror, pity and disgust I should imagine" said writer and Highland historian John MacLeod, a native of Harris. "After the Fall of Man, one of the very first things in the new order was clothing. First fig leaves, then animal skins."

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