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This page is now deprecated and locked.

Please note that this page has been deprecated and locked in favour of the category as of April 2008, and will no longer be updated.

Although it was convenient to have all the interesting caches in one place, and plotted, the intermittent nature of new caches being placed, plus the need to decide if they were relevant, simply made it too complex and time-consuming to maintain.

Since each page now has an automatic link to all nearby geocaches anyway, all we'll be doing in future is tagging relevant pages with the category when we spot them.

SeSco seems to have inspired the naming and/or placing of one or two Geocaches, which is nice (and even nicer when we get a mention and a link).

We'll be keeping an eye out for the appearance of associated caches in the updates, and add any that we spot to this page for easy reference.

If you're a cacher, and place a related cache, please feel free to add the link here, and it will be formatted into the listing.

The caches

Two links are provided for each cache, the first jumps to the official geocaching.com page for the cache, while the second opens a marker on our map at the foot of the page. Once the marker is activated, the superscript Map jump can be used to jump down to the map. Clicking on the cache name in the open marker window will jump back the list. If we have a page relating to the subject, a further link will be provided, leading to the page.

GC15J16 GC15J16 Secret Scotland - Hawklaw Map jump Hawklaw
GC15NYF GC15NYF Secret Scotland - Pitreavie Map jump RAF Pitreavie
GC15PP9 GC15PP9 Secret Scotland - Troy Wood Map jump Scotland's Secret Bunker
GC15XJR GC15XJR Secret Scotland - Cultybraggan Map jump Cultybraggan

Interesting others

GCZVAF GCZVAF - Liberton Decoy Map jump Liberton Decoy
GC10262 GC10262 - Rudolf Hess Map jump Rudolf Hess Flight
The Fife Stop Line
A series of 20 caches exploring World War II defensive structure in the area, now rapidly vanishing back into the countryside.
GC11H7Z GC11H7Z Fife Stop Line - Balbirnie Roadblock Map jump
GC11HBH GC11HBH Fife Stop Line - Balgonie Machine Gun Bunker Map jump
GC11H6G GC11H6G Fife Stop Line - Collessie Dragons Teeth Map jump
GC11H6M GC11H6M Fife Stop Line - Collessie Pillbox Map jump
GC15G94 GC15G94 Fife Stop Line - Fortified Cemetery Map jump
GC15G0Q GC15G0Q Fife Stop Line - Kettle Anti Tank Wall Map jump
GC12PFJ GC12PFJ Fife Stop Line - Ladybank Bunker Map jump
GC11H6R GC11H6R Fife Stop Line - Ladybank Railblock Map jump
GC11HAW GC11HAW Fife Stop Line - Lochmuir Pillbox Map jump
GC15HCY GC15HCY Fife Stop Line - Markinch Anti Tank Wall Map jump
GC155N2 GC155N2 Fife Stop Line - Markinch Roadblock Map jump
GC155MX GC155MX Fife Stop Line - More Collessie Dragons Map jump
GC11H67 GC11H67 Fife Stop Line - Newburgh Pillbox.
The north end of the line, this cache page gives the most details about the line.
Map jump
GC15HCT GC15HCT Fife Stop Line - Orkie Anti Tank Wall Map jump
GC15KVY GC15KVY Fife Stop Line - POW Camp 77 Map jump
GC11HBA GC11HBA Fife Stop Line - Star Machine Gun Bunker Map jump
GC11HB6 GC11HB6 Fife Stop Line - The Deadly Garden Map jump
GC11H70 GC11H70 Fife Stop Line - The Killing House Map jump
GC11HBQ GC11HBQ Fife Stop Line - Thornton Roadblock Map jump
GC11H7N GC11H7N Fife Stop Line - Woodland Pillbox Map jump
East Lothian at War
Caches dealing with traces of the Second World war in East Lothian.
East Lothian at War cache list
GC15R7M GC15R7M The Man Who Never Was Map jump John Melville
GC16TVX GC16TVX Starfish Newlands Map jump Newlands Decoy
GC177AR GC177AR In Plane view Map jump Renfrew Airport

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