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Gailes Camp

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Gailes Camp was located about two miles north of Troon, and was an Army training camp during both World Wars.

The camp was already in existence by March 1916 and garrisoned by the Royal Scots Fusiliers when the Army re-organised its officer training. The 9th and 10th OTB (Officer Training Battalions) were based there. Training for an officer lasted for four and a half months, and each of the two battalions trained 400 officers (600 after mid-1917) at a time. Officers for a number of lowland regiments were also trained here, including the Highland Light Infantry, the Royal Scots, the Royal Scots Fusiliers, and the Scottish Rifles (also known as the Cameronians.)

Gailes Camp was large, and it is highly likely that a number of other training units were based there as well.

RAF aerial photographs from the time show at least 100 accommodation buildings laid out over a large area.

Another camp, Dundonald Camp, lay a short distance to the south east, but appears to have operated independently of Gailes Camp.

There is no remaining evidence of Gailes Camp reported.

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