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GPSS Turriff

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GPSS Turriff was a small fuel depot located adjacent to the west side of the A947, Station Road, to the south of Turriff, and was part of the Government Pipeline and Storage System (GPSS).

The depot comprised four semi-buried fuel storage tanks within a fenced enclosure containing a bund to the northeast, running along the edge of the road, and a small building and other ground features to the north end of the enclosure, assumed to house the related control gear.

The depot was referred to within a Freedom of Information reply obtained in 2009, and identified it as a freehold property belonging to the MoD.[1]

Although the depot is no longer listed as part of the GPSS, the tank farm was still visible in aerial images dating from 2010.

Although there are no online references to the depot, the site may date from World War II, as we have seen document titles listed in archives which referred to "Maintenance Command - Jun 1944 - Turriff : Aviation Fuel and Oil Distributing Depot:", however with no specific location included, this could be a completely different installation. However, OS mapping shows the area across the B947, to the east of the tanks to be a former railway siding, connected to a now dismantled railway which passed through Turrif, and this could well have been the 'Aviation Fuel and Oil Distributing Depot' referred to. The area has been taken over for commercial use, and as of 2010 was occupied by an agricultural engineering business (a depot of HRN Tractors), which appeared to have occupied the site for at least the preceding twenty years.


1 WhatDoTheyKnow - make and browse Freedom of Information (FOI) requests Retrieved October 22, 2010.

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