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GPSS Linkswood (Leuchars Easter Kinnear) is a small fuel depot which lies adjacent to the east side of the A92 road, about two miles northwest of Leuchars, and is part of the Government Pipeline and Storage System (GPSS).

The depot comprises four semi-buried fuel storage tanks covered by earth banking, a concrete apron for vehicle such as tankers, and a number of buildings related to depot operation, all within a fenced enclosure. The storage tanks are buried within a raised area of ground, and each lies at the base of a banked depression in the earth, intended to act as a bund in the event of a spillage or failure of the tank. An underground pipeline connects the depot with RAF Leuchars, to the southeast.

The depot was referred to within a Freedom of Information reply obtained in 2009, which referred to it as Linkswood GPSS (Leuchars Easter Kinnear), and identified it as a freehold property belonging to the MoD. [1]

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