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GPSS Inverness (Longmans) is a fuel depot which lies adjacent to the south east side of the B9168 Longman Drive in Inverness, at the northern end of the Longman Industrial Estate, and is part of the Government Pipeline and Storage System (GPSS).

The depot comprises eight semi-buried fuel storage tanks covered by earth banking, and a number of buildings related to depot operation, all within a fenced enclosure. The storage tanks are buried within raised areas of ground. An underground pipeline connects the depot with RAF Lossiemouth and RAF Kinloss, while Inverness Airport receives its fuel supplies from the same source, by road transport.

The depot was referred to within a Freedom of Information reply obtained in 2009, which referred to it as Inverness GPSS (Longmans), and identified it as a freehold property belonging to the MoD.[1]

Inverness Aerodrome

Inverness Airport was formerly RAF Dalcross, which had itself been developed on the site of the old Inverness Aerodrome. The site was first developed as a military airfield in 1939 and was officially opened as RAF Dalcross in 1940. Civilian operations began in 1947 and the airport grew very gradually after that. The depot area was the site of the original Inverness Aerodrome from 1933 to 1947, and is gradually becoming a modern business park - the Fresson Business Park. The name commemorates Captain 'Ted' Fresson, who pioneered air services in the north of Scotland, and first flew from this site on May 8, 1933, to Wick and Kirkwall in a Monospar Gacew, of his company, Highland Airways.[2] Evidence of the former military utilisation of the area is reported in the form of period street signs with faded red military style lettering

The depot was extensively upgraded at some prior to 2006 (date unknown), when a pair of large overground tanks were added, together with a further area of earth banking to their west, which could potentially contain a further two semi-buried tanks similar to the eight existing units, although the new raised area lacks the surface features evident on the earlier tanks.


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