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GPSS Heathfield

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Banked tanks and site remains, 2010, Fox
Banked tanks and site remains

GPSS Heathfield was a small fuel depot located within the perimeter of Prestwick Airport, approximately 800 metres south of the southern end of runway 03, and just west of the A719 road.

The depot comprised four semi-buried fuel storage tanks covered by earth banking, a concrete apron for vehicle such as tankers, and a number of buildings related to depot operation, all within a fenced enclosure. There is no evidence of a bund or similar protective device for the surrounding area.

The depot was referred to within a Freedom of Information reply obtained in 2009, which referred to it as Heathfield GPSS (Prestwick), and identified it as a freehold property belonging to the MoD.[1]

The depot is no longer listed as part of the GPSS, and although the earth banked tanks can still be seen on the site, all the buildings within the depot enclosure were noted to have been demolished in aerial images dating from 2010.

According to a further report received in early 2012, the site has fallen into a state of dereliction with no secure fencing to protect the area. In addition, to reduce the chances of further damage or access to the tanks themselves, the top of each tank have been buried in soil. It is also suggested that the tanks are now water-filled. The site may be up for sale, but no advert or link has been provided.



1 WhatDoTheyKnow - make and browse Freedom of Information (FOI) requests Retrieved October 22, 2010.

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