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Free French Memorial

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Free French Memorial, 2007, geograph
Free French Memorial
© Raymond Okonski

The Free French Memorial lies near the summit of Lyle Hill, Greenock, overlooking the waters of Cardwell Bay and the Tail of the Bank anchorage.

The memorial commemorates those members of the Free French Navy who perished in the Battle of the Atlantic during World War II and was paid for by officers and crews who survived the ordeal. The design comprises the Cross of Lorraine atop the flukes of an anchor.

The Cross of Lorraine became the symbol of the Free French Services led by General Charles de Gaulle during World War II.


Memorial plaques

Plaque 1, 2008, geograph
Plaque 1
© Thomas Nugent
Plaque 2, 2008, geograph
Plaque 2
© Thomas Nugent
Plaque 3, 2008, geograph
Plaque 3
© Thomas Nugent
Plaque 4, 2008, geograph
Plaque 4
© Thomas Nugent

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