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Fraserburgh Airfield

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The remains of Fraserburgh Airfield can be found near Inverallochy, a few miles west of Fraserburgh, and built as a satellite of Longside Airfield. This was alternatively named as Cairnbulg Airfield, or Inverallochy Airfield.

Opening on December 6, 1941, the airfield was known also known as X6FR, or RAF Fraserburgh, and had three runways, three dispersed sleeping sites, a communal area, and a technical site with one T2 hangar. It closed at the end of June 1945, but was used by the Aberdeen Gliding Club into the 1950s.

To the west, on both sides of the B9033 road, lie the remains of Inverallochy RAF Camp, also known as Tershinty, which would have been associated with the airfield.

To the north of a small cemetery on the north side of the B9083 is the observation cupola which reveals the position of the Inverallochy Battle HQ, and underground command post which would have been used to defend the airfield and deny it to the enemy in case of invasion.

Most of the original buildings are reported to have been demolished, with only some huts and the parachute store remaining. The airfield is still clearly visible in aerial images, and although portions of the runways have been lost, their outlines are still complete, with one runway now occupied by two large poultry huts, and another used for bulk storage of farm materials. To the north of the site, a housing esate now occupies a portion of the ground with the former airfield perimeter road, encroaching on the ends of two of the runways.

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