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Firemore Boom Depot

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A boom depot, or boom defence depot, was located at Firemore during World War II, on the eastern shore of Loch Ewe, a sea loch in Wester Ross, Highlands. Part of the .

The loch was one of the main gathering points for ship taking part in the Atlantic convoys which brought supplies from America during the war, and was heavily defended. A heavy steel anti-submarine net would have been hauled across the mouth of the loch by boom defence vessels. These vessels would typically have been about 150 feet long, and fitted with a bow crane to handle the nets. Loch Ewe was also the site of a significant World War II naval base, Mellon Charles, named after a nearby crofting township on the eastern shore of the loch, and the site of another boom depot on the loch. The depots would have stored the nets, together with accessories such as floats and cables needed for the boom defence to function.

After the war ended, the site was retained by the government, and was subsequently developed as a marine research unit , operated by the Scottish Office Agriculture and Fisheries Department (SOAFD) until the 1990s, after which it appears to have been abandoned. Several buildings and water tanks remain within a fenced enclosure, on the point of An Fhaighear Mhoir.

Firemore was also the site of an anti-aircraft battery, located south of the depot, and personnel stationed at the two facilities would have been accommodated at the military camp located a short distance to the southwest.

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