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Empire Exhibition Scotland 1938

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Empire Exhibition memorial, 2007
Empire Exhibition memorial
© Thomas Nugent

Empire Exhibition, Scotland - 1938 was held in Bellahouston Park, Glasgow, and ran from May to December 1938. Unofficially, it was known as the British Empire Exhibition, Glasgow. While it was a showcase for British industry in general, the industries of Glasgow and the West of Scotland were in the forefront.

The exhibition was opened by King George VI and Queen Mary on May 3, 1938. The opening ceremony was held at Ibrox Stadium, then moved on to Bellahouston Park. The Exhibition closed at midnight on October 29, 1938.

Architect Thomas Tait was responsible for the design.

This was the last exhibition of its kind to take place, and was followed nine months later by the start of World War II.

Visitors and attendance

The total attendance for the exhibition was 12,593,232 with the highest number of 364,092 recorded on the closing day of October 29, while a the lowest attendance was 23,603.

The 1 millionth visitor was recorded on May 14.

The Scottish weather did not favour the exhibition, only three Saturdays were without rain, and 50% more rain fell during the exhibition than over the 35 previous years.



Empire Exhibition 1938 - Bellahouston Park

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