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Dunfermline UNITER Building

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South Muir Comms, 2002, © David Neale
Dunfermline UNITER building
© David Neale

The Dunfermline UNITER building, on the A823 near the west entrance to Blairadam Forest, Outhmuir, is one of three UNITER buildings constructed in Scotland as part of a Secure Survivable Integrated Network (SSIN) for the RAF. The building lies to the east of Knock Hill and the Knockhill Racing Circuit, approximately five miles north of Dunfermline.

The single storey building is on a site covering approximately 20,963 square metres and is constructed from reinforced concrete, with a flat roof containing a small first floor with supporting plant such as a cold water tank, and no exterior windows. The interior space was largely devoted to plant areas which would have allowed the building to be operationally self sufficient, using oil fuelled electrical generators and air conditioning systems. Front access is through a heavy steel door with a unique locking system, with an emergency exit to the rear, also with a heavy steel door. The building lies within a securely fenced grassy compound having a heavy, padlocked gate, and in woodland mostly owned by the Forestry Commission, with a small pump room nearby, providing water from a borehole, and an adjacent electricity sub station.

See also the Prestwick UNITER Building and the Inverness UNITER Building.

All three Scottish UNITER buildings were put up for sale by the owners, Defence Estates, in early 2008.

In August 2009, the former UNITER building was sold by property advisor GVA Grimley, on behalf of Defence Estates, to a private buyer on confidential terms. The sale was described as including an area extending to approximately 2.095 hectares (5.18 acres).[1][2]


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2 Space in demand – but top-end rents down - Scotsman.com Business. August 25, 2009.

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