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Dumbuck Aviation Fuel Store

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Dumbuck Aviation Fuel Store lies to the south of the A814 Glasgow Road, between Dumbuck and the outskirts of Dumbarton, in the ground between two whisky bonds (which did not exist when the depot was constructed).

The depot was constructed in 1939, and is visible in a Luftwaffe aerial reconnaissance photograph dated October 1939. At the time, German analysts classified the facility as a mine storage depot.

Records of the depot note that it was not provided with a pier or jetty, or a rail connection (the railway lies adjacent to the south side of the site), but had a large lay-by adjacent to the the road, with facilities for handling road tankers, making the German error seem a little odd.

A photograph taken by the RAF in 1943 is reported to show the completed depot, and describes 11 partially buried tanks which were by then heavily revetted with earth and grass covered, and surround be an earth bund.

It has been suggested that the depot was supplied via a pipeline connection, a spur taken from the established Grangemouth to Finnart oil pipeline.

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