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Drumshantie Rifle Range

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A rifle range was located just south of Tower Hill, Gourock, to the west of Drumshantie.

Visible on old maps dating back to 1898, but not on those from 1863, the firing position was located to the north, with two sets of target shown at a maximum range of 600 yards to the south, with additional firing positions depicted at 100 yard interval to a minimum of 300 yards. The target to the west was associated with this 600 yard range, while the target to the east appears to have been associated with a shorter 200 yard range running parallel to the first. The maps also show a flagstaff adjacent to the range, to the west, which would have flown a red warning flag when the range was in use. A range hut was located west of the targets, with access provided along a connecting pathway.

The range was in use during the 19th century by the 1st Renfrew abd Dumbarton Royal Garrison Artillery (Volunteers).[1]

Most evidence of the range has been lost beneath the Midton housing estate, although a concrete retaining wall is still in existence at the western target area to the south of Kirn Drive. A significant area of the hillside behind the target is devoid of any vegetation, presumably due to ground contamination from munitions.


1 Grierson, Lt Gen JM (1972), Records of the Scottish Volunteer Force, 1859-1908, Bath, 138-9.

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